Our Mission

We believe that English should not be a barrier to people accessing opportunities or reaching their full potential.

Our mission is to empower leaders and companies to create more inclusive & better-performing workplaces through language. Communicating in a way that considers the needs of your diverse, international audience can truly empower deliver better results for people, productivity & performance.

About us

At Tigim, we know the power of communicating in English to drive ideas & organizations forward. But we also know the problems that exist. We have over 15 years’ of experience developing English communication skills in diverse groups & seeing how it impacts people working together to get things done. Our own team of English lecturers, linguists, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, AI researchers and engineers all come from different countries. We work to ensure that English does not hold people back, so we live it every day.

The Team

We come from different cultures and speak many languages, but share the same mission.

Niamh Kelly


Ignacio Siroit
Head of Operations


Rickard Ramhöj
Computational Linguist


Roberto Macedo
Senior Backend Engineer


Juan Rodriguez Salas
Frontend Developer


Lavanya Mandadapu
NLP/ML Researcher


Pat Ryan
Board Member


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