Communicate across Cultures, Effectively

Use language to improve productivity and business performance with Tigim’s Communication Analytics Platform. Quickly review your company's communications to create messaging that is effective and inclusive for an international audience.

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Clear communication, better performance.

To fully understand your message, people need to know at least 95% of the language used.

Use language to your advantage to win more deals and lead teams, effectively.

Our awesome features

01 Get instant feedback on communications

Add any text or document for instant language analysis. Instantly receive information on:

Use and level of English

Complexity Level

Readability level

Level of Engagement...and more!


02 Ensure it is accessible for your audience

Work on the specific focus points to engage people the first time with language that is easy to understand. Get tips on:

Communicating your message clearly

Improving readability

Simplifying language for a wider audience

Holding people's attention


Our awesome features
Our awesome features

03 Create communications with better results

Complex language wastes time and money. Get your message across clearly to win more deals and lead teams, effectively.

Improve the quality of external communications

Create internal messaging suitable for employees

Use English that communicates your purpose clearly


What should I analyse?

Companies with an international focus should communicate clearly for better outcomes

Internal communications

Improve engagement and productivity with clear messaging for international employees: - Onboarding materials - Training materials - Health and safety manuals

External communications

Increase your opportunities with clear messaging for a diverse international audience: - Business proposals - Shareholder reports - Promotional materials