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30% of sales can be lost due to complexity and wrong language use in product descriptions. Tigim's intelligent language design system combines linguistic analysis and customer behaviour giving you the data-driven framework to speak their way. So you can increase conversions, engagement and trust.

Happy customers who trust you

Trusting us to grow their customer base

If they don't understand you, they won't buy from you. Now, intelligent language design helps you speak their way

So you can sharpen your messaging and style specific to the needs of your audience. And get results like these in just a few short weeks...


Increased Conversions


Faster Decision-Making


New Way to Build Trust

The surprising truth about product descriptions

(that you don't want to occur)...

Your customers have different literacy and language needs (dyslexia, ADHD, low literacy and non-native English speakers) and failure to speak at their level is costly. Our work with other e-commerce brands revealed relationships between language use and behaviour...

High word complexity lowers buy-to-detail

Using jargon, complex or advanced English words impact the cognitive load on the reader and can decrease the number of people who purchase the product.

Higher difficulty rating increases time on page

Giving people more to process and think about can keep them on a page for longer, but that doesn't mean they make a purchasing decision.

Higher time on page lowers the page value

Although people can have the page open for longer, they are not making purchasing decisions. Instead, they can be trying to figure out information or compare with other sites lowering the page value.

Listen to the customers your are losing

How your customers behave is a clue to how the language level, style and tone you use impacts their decisions. We give a voice to the unheard, so you can unlock the barriers to connecting with more customers

We answer the most important questions

So you can remove roadblocks in your customer's buying journey...

Is it accessible?

Is there clarity and will it hold people's attention - especially customers with varying levels of literacy and language needs?


Is it appropriate?

Are you using the best style, tone and linguistic features that engage and excite your audience?


Is it achieving its goal?

Is it having the right impact? How can you maximise outcomes with how you communicate?


Our intelligent language insights help your brand to...

Reach a wider audience

Design your offerings to meet the specific needs of your audience. Optimise your style for clarity and impact making them want to buy from you...

Create more inclusive communications

Engage people with diverse abilities and backgrounds

Access a customer base that your competitors ignore


Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Ensure brand consistency

Finally, a measurable and objective way to ensure that all communications are achieving their goals

Build communication style guides for use across your organisation

Create objective writing frameworks specific to your customer base

Increase the effectiveness of campaigns in a measurable way


Remove friction from your customer journeys

Quickly identify and remove the barriers impacting your customers and business performance.

Remove the areas of language causing problems

Create consistency across all customer touchpoints

Create more engaging customer experiences


Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Create better decisions with a new source of data

You can never have too much useful data...and here is one source you may never have considered before.

Discover the best communication techniques that work for your customers

Develop more effective communication campaigns quicker by knowing what works

Stand out from your competitors by engaging your customers the way they like to communicate


Build better relationships with your customers

Be a source of transparency and truth, and trust will follow. With trust, customers build brand loyalty so you grow even faster.

Build people’s confidence in the service you provide

Be a trusted source of information

Be people-first


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Not sure if the way you use language is impacting your potential customers?

The benefits of designing language to your customers needs

For Customers
  • An easier buying process
  • Feeling more informed
  • A sense of inclusion
  • Greater transparency
  • Ability to trust and build brand loyalty
For Business
  • Evidence-based guidelines
  • Removal of subjectivity & bias
  • Greater brand consistency
  • Access to more customers
  • Measurable, scalable and repeatable frameworks
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Let our data-driven frameworks help you speak their way for greater clarity, style and impact.

Why Choose Tigim?

Tigim's intelligent language system provides you with a measurable, objective and data-driven framework to remove subjectivity and bias. It also enables you to...

Align Teams

With a data-driven framework, you can be sure that teams in different departments and countries will be delivering consistent messaging.


Support Customers

Designing language to their needs creates a sense of inclusion. When customers trust you, loyalty builds.


Impact Performance

Having a measurable and quantifiable feedback system enables your team to continually test, measure and grow.


What barriers are impacting your growth?