Reach a wider audience with inclusive

customer journeys. 

5 people standing in a line with their mouths covered by a piece of paper that looks like a speech bubble. It represents that some people cannot always use their voice and opinions even though they have something to say or share.

1 in 5 of your potential customers have different cognitive, literacy and language needs (dyslexia, ADHD, low literacy and non-native English speakers). Failure to create customer journeys and experiences that everyone can understand is costly. Complexity excludes these people from accessing your products and services and is not compliant with web accessibility guidelines, Section 3: 'Understandable'.


How can Tigim help?

Tigim's accessible language analytics provides you with a measurable, objective and data-driven framework to communicate at the right level for your audience. We help remove subjectivity and bias to create inclusive customer journeys, by focusing on ...

Who is the audience?

We start by analysing the needs of your audience (level of literacy, education, language needs)


How you are communicating?

With 100+ linguistic features, we benchmark the level of your content and if it is appropriate for your audience


What is the impact?

Having a measurable and quantifiable feedback system enables your team to continually test and measure content to grow.


Align to their needs. Grow your audience.

Use data-driven frameworks to make every customer touchpoint understandable and accessible

Align to the needs of your customers

Reach a wider audience

Ensure brand consistency

Remove friction from customer journeys

Unify teams around data-driven frameworks, avoid subjectivity and bias

Badge displaying award for accessible language usage

Tigim's data-driven frameworks help your teams create content and touchpoints that are understandable for all. Deliver greater clarity, style and impact.

We provide data that gives a voice to the unheard


The benefits of accessible language in customer journeys

For Customers
  • An easier buying process
  • Feeling more informed
  • A sense of inclusion
  • Greater transparency
  • Ability to trust and build brand loyalty
For Business
  • Evidence-based guidelines
  • Removal of subjectivity & bias
  • Greater brand consistency
  • Access to more customers
  • Measurable, scalable and repeatable frameworks

Unify your teams and align to every customers' needs

Made for customer-centric organisations ready to prioritise accessibility and inclusion