Create accessible content and customer journeys that people love, in a data-driven way

Using complex language damages customer relations. Tigim’s language analytics gives you the data you need to connect with customers from diverse backgrounds and build their trust in a clear and accessible way.

Happy customers who trust you

Take a people-first approach to grow your customer base

Join other top companies working with us to drive accessibility

Get over 100+ linguistic insights and in-depth analytics to see how the language you use impacts your customers

Remove the complexity and friction from your customer journeys in a data-driven way

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Using 'Accessible Language' is your new competitive advantage

How you use language impacts customer behaviour. Your customers have different language abilities that we cannot see. When people can’t understand you, they can’t trust you or buy from you. Communicating at their level helps to build their trust and confidence in your services.




Non-Native English Speakers


Low Literacy Rate (USA)

Our language insights help your brand to...

Build better relationships with your customers

Show your customers that you have taken the time to consider their different abilities.

Build people’s confidence in the service you provide

Be a trusted source of information

Be people-first


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Our awesome features

Access a wider customer base

Use language at a level that allows more people of different abilities to understand the benefits you offer.

Create more inclusive communications

Engage people with diverse abilities and backgrounds

Access a customer base that your competitors ignore


Remove friction from your customer journeys

Tigim's language analysis helps you to quickly identify and overcome the barriers to understanding impacting your customers and business performance.

Remove the areas of language causing problems

Create consistency across all customer touchpoints

Create more engaging customer experiences


Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Take the guesswork out of communications

Tigim's linguistic data gives you a measurable way to ensure that all communications are at an accessible level.

Build communication style guides for use across your organisation

Create objective writing frameworks specific to your customer base

Increase the effectiveness of campaigns in a measurable way


Create better decisions with a new source of data insights

You can never have too much useful data...and here is one source you may never have considered before.

Discover the best communication techniques that work for your customers

Develop more effective communication campaigns quicker by knowing what works

Stand out from your competitors by engaging your customers the way they like to communicate


Our awesome features
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Become a verified leader for Accessibility

Tigim's language insights and AI assistance helps you communicate in an accessible way with plain English. When you use language in a way that people understand, you build trust, transparency and your business performance.

We work with the most 'complex-language' sectors

Increasing access to information and services for people with different abilites and literacy levels

How Does it Work?

Tigim analyses how you use language (on your website and in documents) using 100+ linguistic features. We use this data to show you the impact language use can have on your customers and potential customers. With Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI and our own proprietary language models we help you identify the potential barriers to understanding and friction in your customer journeys that could be losing you business. Our recommendations and editing tool then helps you to create messaging that is easier to understand for your audience, more effective, as well as giving your organisation an objective and measurable way to build trust and access a wider customer base.

Why choose Tigim?

It is our mission to remove language barriers in a data-driven way.

Privacy Controls

We take care to guarantee your information is protected and private. We are GDPR compliant and will never use any information provided.


Rich data insights

Over 100+ linguistic features on large scale documents. Giving you access to features of language may never have considered to be important before.


Fast & Efficient

We deliver your insights instantly and can work with you closely on more large-scale projects that don't waste your time.


Ready to make communication your competitive advantage?