Teams work better together without language barriers

When English is not everyone's first language, miscommunication impacts team productivity & performance. Tigim's language analytics provides a data-driven way to reduce communication barriers for more inclusive teams working better together.

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How we use English language analytics to improve your team's performance...

1. Test people’s English ability

From new hires to management, our testing system gives you information about people's English level & communication ability required for business. Our tests assign each person a unique English Performance Indicator (EPI), as well as their level based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

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Our awesome features
Our awesome features

2. Identify the impact on team dynamics

Analysing English proficiency levels & research-backed studies on organizational behaviour, we evaluate & report to you the risks associated with different levels of English & communication styles that can impact people and productivity.

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3. Create more focused messaging

Research shows that to fully understand the meaning, 95% of the words need to be understood. We analyse your company's documents to test their suitability levels for your employees. Using this data-driven approach you get recommendations on how to deliver your message in a more focused way that everyone can understand.

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Not everyone speaks up

Did you know that Only 7% of non-native English speakers feel confident using English at work? So if you want to hire someone for their experience or knowledge, putting them in certain teams can inhibit them. While others may not say anything when they don’t understand something. This lack of confidence impacts communication internally & can have disastrous effects on external communication with clients. Studies show that on average, companies in the USA & UK lose $62.4m per year each due to miscommunication. (The Holmes Report)

Some Potential Risks of English Ability on Teams


People with lower English levels, in contrast to other group members, may not feel comfortable sharing ideas or speaking up.

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Trust formation

Having people with the same native language on a team can encourage code-switching or speaking in that language. This can reduce trust & rapport with other team members

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Illusion of Competence

A team with at least one strong communicator that is confident & vocal can give the illusion that the whole team is similar, even if there is a wide variation in English abilities

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Team members with an English ability different from the rest of the group can be overloaded or overlooked causing dissatisfaction & the risk of leaving.

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Variation in the level of English ability can lead to people not understanding each other. Leading to a lot of repetition, work not being done or mistakes happening.

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Recommendations for inclusive working

Our recommendation system helps you lower these risks caused by language We work with you to...

Get your message across effectively

Adjust language to ensure everyone understands your message

Get the best from people

Use strategies that encourage people to share their ideas & expertise

Get better results

Create teams & networks that values language diversity to improve productivity

Communication drives organizational performance. Language performance matters.

Is English communication a barrier holding back productivity?