Welcome to Tigim Analytics for Teams 

Here you will find additional information on how the app works and what you need to do to get the best out of it. 

1.1 Purpose

Tigim Analytics gives you feedback on how well you are communicating in Teams meetings to achieve your purpose. This raises your own awareness of your communication style. You receive feedback on your communication style and level of English when talking with your international team and colleagues. Working with people from different backgrounds and cultures, it's easy to forget how the language we use can impact them and KPIs. Tigim gives you data insights to track the suitability of your messaging so your meetings can be more effective. It can help you to understand what areas you may need to improve to become a more effective communicator and get the best out of your meetings and team. 

1.2 How does it work?

In your Teams meeting, Tigim will record the transcription of what you say and analyse it. We only look at what you say and you receive your results in the ‘Post-meeting Analysis’ tab. Here, you can explore more about your communication style including different features, such as empathy and the level of English people would need to be able to understand you clearly. 

  Communication Features Analysed: 

  • English Level
  • Empathy Level
  • Sentiment Level
  • Word complexity Level
  • Use of jargon
  • Directness Level
  • Engagement Level

Participant’s Feedback 

The Tigim bot will also send a message to participants at the end of the meeting. 

This message is fixed and asks ‘How do you feel after the meeting?’

They will have 5 options to choose from: Good, informed, Neutral, Concerned, Confused.

You will receive this feedback in the ‘Post-Analysis tab’ to reflect on how the participants felt about the meeting.

1.3 Getting started 

1.3.1 Install App 

Search for ‘Tigim Analytics’ in Microsoft Team’s marketplace. 

Select and add to your Teams Account

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1.3.2 Create your profile 

Complete your profile to get more out of Tigim analytics. You will be asked questions on: 

  • Nationality
  • Languages you speak 
  • Role in your company

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1.3.3 Allow Permissions - Necessary Step 

To receive feedback on your communication style, it is necessary that you complete the permission step. 

This will give permission for Tigim to assess your transcription and give you feedback.

Once this is set up, each time you start your meeting with Tigim Analytics installed, you will receive feedback.

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1.3.4 Create a Meeting 

The best way to ensure that you will receive feedback from your meetings is to create your meeting within the Tigim Analytics app.

You can: 

  • Create a meeting name
  • Set the time and date
  • Invite participants 
  • Add to your calendar

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You can access meetings from within your calendar.

Note: To achieve full functionality you should access your meetings from the Teams desktop app. 


You will get the best out of Tigim Analytics from your desktop account instead of the browser. 

Your meeting is now created (see 1.3.4) and your permissions granted (see 1.3.3), now it is time for you to start your meeting. 

1.4.1 Before your meeting - (Pre-Meeting Tab)

You will be asked to complete questions about the meeting. These questions are optional and will help with analysis in the future. 

Questions are divided into 3 sections: 

  1. Group participants 
  2. Number of people
  3. Country of origin 
  4. Native languages 
  5. 2. Purpose of meeting 
  6. What is your purpose?
  7. Top 3 points
  8. Measurable outcomes

a. Specific points to add to measure if your meeting achieved its purpose

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Note: These questions are optional and will not affect the outcome of your communication analysis.

1.4.2 Starting your meeting

Once you have answered the questions, you are ready to start your meeting. 

You can do this from within your calendar.

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1.4.3 Enable Transcriptions

When your meeting starts, go to ‘More’ on the menu tab the right-hand corner. 

Click on the dropdown to find ‘start transcriptions’.

This will allow the meeting to be transcribed. It will not show up on your screen. 

Only what you say will be analysed with feedback given after your meeting.

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1.4.4 After your meeting - (Post-Meeting Analysis)

To get your feedback, you need to download the transcript of your meeting.

Here are the steps to help you.

Step 1: Return to your calendar where the meeting is located.

Right-click to see the 'Edit' option.

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Step 2: Go to the 'Recordings & Transcripts' tab on the top right.

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Step 3: Click on the meeting Transcription Icon

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Step 4: Download the file as a .docx

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Step 5: Return to Tigim Analytics App and go to the 'Post-Meeting' tab.

Here you can upload the .docx to the meeting that is now complete.

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Your transcription will automatically be analysed and you can find it in the ‘Analysis tab’ in Post-Meeting Analysis.

Each area that is analysed gives you information on the level you achieved. 

It will also give you information about what it means. 

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Participant’s Feedback

Tigim’s Bot will send your participants an automatic message after the meeting to ask: 

‘How you feel after the meeting?’ 

They can answer: Good, informed, Neutral, Concerned, Confused.

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Stored Meetings

The analysis from your meetings will be stored. This will allow you to return to previous sessions and see how your communication style has changed or progressed over time. 

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Contact US

If there are any issues with the steps or functionality of Tigim Analytics, please contact us and we will be very happy to help you - hello@tigim.co